This Annual Authorisation Assessment is not a training course, it is an assessment for the continuing renewal of the authorisation for site access to the site asset you are authorised to enter only.

You must have existing authorisation that is valid otherwise you will need to complete the Substation Access & Awareness Course.

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Course Content

This is an online assessment only and not a refresher or training course.


Candidates will be assessed for awareness and knowledge to enable them to continue to carry our their role until there refresher course is due.

This is an annual assessment to be taken each year until your three year renewal is due.


Only persons who are currently authorised to enter switchrooms and substations for specific duties as detailed in their company certificate of authorisation.

Companies and employees will be required to confirm they are currently authorised before any candidate can complete these assessments.


A grading report explaining if the candidate is safe to fulfil their legal obligations and work in a safe and proficient manner.

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Substation Access & Awareness Annual Assessment

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