Our Authorising Engineer Training  course is for engineering staff with or are being considered for the responsibility for the implementation, administration, monitoring and management of engineering Safe Systems of Work and who are to be appointed as an Authorising Engineer. Which may include the requirements for assessment and appointment of operational staff implementing and working with these systems.

The authorised person training course will explain qualities required and explain a typical proactive approach to the Authorising Engineers role.

It will also explain to delegates the knowledge required to carry out Authorising Engineer duties in support of statutory health and safety compliance.

This courses is suitable for Health Authorities, Ministry of Defence and Commercial Organisations.

  • Course Content
  • Aim
  • Participants
  • Certification

Course Content

• Requirement for Implementation and management of Safe Systems of Work
• Compliance and the Role of the Authorising Engineer
• Authorised Person selection, training and appointment
• Safety documentation auditing guidance and procedures
• Assessment, Monitoring, and Auditing
• Incident investigation and reporting
• Maintaining competence
• Completion of logbooks and associated documentation


To provide existing, newly appointed and those being considered for the role of the authorising engineer with the necessary knowledge and skills required to undertake the position.


Anyone wishing to

  • undertake the role
  • being considered for the role
  • in the existing role
  • or wishing to appoint suitable candidates into the role


Candidates who successfully complete the theoretical and practical competence assessments will receive a City & Guilds  Certificate, candidates who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessments will receive our “Attendance” certificate.

Site Energy and its panel members can also assist in selecting your candidates for this role.

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City & Guilds Accredited Authorising Engineer Training Course

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